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WebCurfew Featured in Chicago Tribune

Posted on 4/27/2014 by Alberto Moriondo in Digital Loitering Parental Controls WebCurfew WebAccess WebSafeguards

Hello everyone, I am Alberto Moriondo, and I will start contributing to the Digital Loitering Blog. I thought I would share with you an interview that I just did for BlueSky Innovation, a Chicago-Tribune website focusing on news, analysis and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship

You can find the interview here.

The interview provides a good overview of WebCurfew’s capabilities, especially around our WebAccess device control functionality, where parents can turn individual devices on/off with the simple touch of a button. In the interview, I also draw from my previous experiences to discuss the challenges that tech companies face to ensure consumers embrace new behaviors and adopt new technologies.

WebCurfew offers a very user-friendly parental control solution that will appeal to parents that feel overwhelmed with technology. There’s no software to download, and no need to configure individual devices. We worked hard to develop a user interface and overall consumer experience that is intuitive and easy to use, drawing on the paradigm of the universal remote control.

Parents can access the WebCurfew consumer dashboard from any Internet-connected device, including their mobile device or iPad while they are on-the-go. And because WebCurfew manages the home WiFi router, it is able to control ANY device in the house that needs to connect to the Internet, be it a mobile phone, tablet, Xbox, laptop, desktop, Wii, Playstation… even future products like Google Glass when it becomes commercially available.

Very soon we will be launching a new feature called WebSafeguards (currently in Beta) that will allow parents to block access to websites based on pre-defined content categories to ensure their children remain safe online.

Today, our children live in a world of multiple screens… I like to call them “screenagers”. As parents, we are already overloaded trying to keep up with all their needs and activities. I trust that you will find WebCurfew simple to use and a great tool to effectively enforce your internet rules.