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WebCurfew Basic - FREE!

Parental Controls Made Easy

The unlimited free-to-use version of WebCurfew provides the powerful feature of an Internet Off / On switch. WebCurfew shows you every device in your home that is sharing your internet connection and allows you to manually turn internet access off and on for each individually, simply by logging in to your personalized and secure WebCurfew Control Panel and clicking a button.

WebCurfew Premium from $4.99 monthly 

Premium Parental Control

For as little as $4.99 USD per month, the pay-for-use version of WebCurfew provides the Internet Off / On Switch of the free version plus the additional feature of an internet timer. Use the WebCurfew timer service to set the specific times of the week you don’t want your children using the internet (like homework time, family time, or bed time). WebCurfew will automatically turn internet access off and on for the devices and times you’ve specified, without you having to continually log in to your control panel to manually restrict access.

WebCurfew supports many of today's most popular routers.


In order to use this service WebCurfew needs to understand the command set of the router you have in your home. WebCurfew supports a wide range of today's most popular routers from leading router manufacturers.  View our partial list of routers that the WebCurfew service currently supports, sorted by model number within manufacturer. To see our complete list of supported routers which is continuously being updated click the Start for Free! menu option.