Control Mobile Devices and Online Gaming at Home - WebCurfew


It’s like having a light switch for each internet-enabled device in your home!

The Power of Off...

No matter which WebCurfew version you need, prying your kids away from their online activities no longer needs to be a challenge. Simply log in to your WebCurfew account to manually turn off internet access for the device they’re using (or will want to use) at the times you don’t want them to be online. Alternatively, set up a few simple timer rules to have the WebCurfew service automatically turn access for these devices off and on – on a schedule that you approve of. At last, home internet usage on your terms!

All your internet-enabled devices in one place.

It doesn’t matter if Jenny’s laptop is in her room and if Jacob’s Xbox is downstairs. If it connects to your internet, WebCurfew will display it on your personal control panel so you’ll always see every online device in your home, and be able to grant or deny internet privileges for each device, and/or each child, appropriately.

If you can browse to a website you can use WebCurfew.

WebCurfew allows you to instantly enforce your internet house rules from the familiarity of any web browser. Because you neither need to install anything on your kids' devices, nor know how your kids' devices work, you’ll find WebCurfew a pleasure to use as it makes controlling your children's internet activity as easy as working a light switch!

Peace of mind even when you are not home.

Because you can open your WebCurfew control panel from any web browser with access to the internet, you can remotely manage your children's home internet privileges from work, from your mobile phone, or whenever you are not at home. With WebCurfew, you can rest assured that you will always have home internet peace of mind even when you are not there to keep an eye on them personally! Find out why parents love WebCurfew.