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Inappropriate Content

Protect them from Inappropriate Content

The Situation

You’ve noticed your 11-year old son has been acting strange lately. He seems distant from the rest of the family, and has been spending increasing amounts of time in his room on his iPad or locked in the bathroom. Whenever you enter his room to speak with him, he is quick to exit any open tabs he had been looking at. Concerned, you have attempted to check his browsing history only to discover that he has been clearing it on a regular basis. You aren’t an oblivious parent and can plainly see your child is hiding something from you, but you have no way of knowing what kind of internet content he has been exploring in private. You realize that there are many places on the internet that are not intended for 11-year old eyes, but short of taking away his iPad you are powerless to protect your child from stumbling across inappropriate content. How can you possibly shield him from these internet dangers?

Your Frustration

When used responsibly, the internet’s vast wealth of knowledge can be an invaluable learning resource, as well as an increasingly important social medium for the post-millennial age. Unfortunately, the internet is also host to a wide array of material that could be harmful to the developing mind of a child. Whether it be adult content, phishing sites, or the threat of computer viruses and other malware, you don’t want your impressionable child to have the opportunity to access sites that are unsuitable, or even dangerous, for his or her age.

The Solution

Restrict internet content you feel is not suitable for your child. Log in to WebCurfew and create a safegaurd to block website categories and/or specific webesites you find inappropriate.

The Result?

If the thought of your child intentionally or inadvertently accessing inappropriate webpages strikes fear into your heart as a parent, WebCurfew can be your key to risk-free internet access in your home. With the filtering capabilities of WebSafegaurds, you can block internet access to entire categories of websites with just the click of a button. You will no longer dread your child’s unsupervised internet use, at ease with the knowledge that they will only be able to access the types of websites you have approved.