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Parenting in the Digital Age

A unique parenting challenge.

Every generation faces unique parenting challenges. However, the unprecedented rise of the internet and its defining role in today's youth culture has created entirely new parenting problems that the experts are still writing the book on. No one knows the lasting impact of an entire generation of children more comfortable in front of a screen then they are in front of real people. But parents intuitively understand that it cannot be healthy long term for children to spend unrestricted hours of unsupervised time online.

So what's a parent to do?

Parents everywhere are struggling with a growing feeling of powerlessness regarding how to regulate a generation of kids that feel empowered to go online whenever they want. Unrestricted access to the internet is not our children's birth right. However, it is easy to understand where they get their growing sense of entitlement from, and why parents are feeling a collective loss of control, given the miracle of pervasive, always-on, home internet high-speed access that affords our children the freedom to go online at their discretion (or lack thereof).

Taking away the internet is no practical solution since it is ingrained in all our lives today and has become as indispensable in the vast majority of households as the telephone or TV. And taking away their internet-enabled devices would, to a great extent, deny them their unique cultural identity, undoubtedly further contributing to the generational divide (a constant source of stress in virtually every parent/child relationship) rather than helping to bridge it.

Understand it or not, the internet is very much a part of our children's DNA, and so we can no longer afford to avoid the significant parental management problems that this socially redefining technology has created in only a few short years.

Take back control!

WebCurfew is an innovative new web offering designed specifically to address this rapidly growing parenting challenge. Launched by an internet parent just like you, it effectively manages online internet access within the home, in a parent-friendly way. WebCurfew enables parents to setup simple common sense rules around when and where their kids can use the internet while at home. WebCurfew can then automatically enforce those rules on behalf of the parent, establishing clear and reasonable boundaries around your child's home online access. As such it plays an important role in helping to provide the essential structure and guidance needed to effectively manage home internet usage for kids today.