Automate Content Filtering and Internet Access - WebCurfew


Take the work out of Parental Controls... Automate Them!

Internet Timers Without the Effort

WebCurfew has provided you with two excellent tools to enhance your digital parenting; WebAccess, and WebSafeguards. Now that you've seen the power of manually turning the internet on and off, coupled with the security that content filtering provides, it's time to automate your process. WebTimers allow you to schedule WebAccess for each device, as well as incorporate WebSafeguards to automate the whole solution.

Create a Consistent Home Internet Management Strategy

WebTimers allow you to craft a custom Internet schedule that best meets the needs of your home. With consistent limits determining when internet access is available, your kids will quickly acclimate to your online usage boundaries just as they have your physical curfew at night. Use WebTimers to demonstrate to them that internet access is a privilege rather than a right.

Peace of Mind Even When You Are Not at Home

Eliminate the need to manually adjust your WebCurfew rules with the automatic convenience of WebTimers. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your custom internet rules are being enforced on your behalf, even when you are not at home. Never again will you forget to turn the internet off at bedtime, or turn the online games and internet access back on for the weekend.