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Monitor Activity on Your Home Network

Know What Websites They Have Been Visiting.

You never need to wonder again what websites your children are visiting online. Our premium WebReports service provides you with a comprehensive view by date, website, website category and frequency of visit of the places your family visits on the net. Nobody in your household will be able to access a website without you knowing when, where, and how often.

Valuable Insight into Their Online Exploits

WebReports allow parents to discover the websites your children are visiting. This information in turn allows parents to proactively asses the age appropriateness of these websites. By understanding where they are going on the web you can better determine whether they are using your home Internet responsibly.

Information is Power

The insight you gain from WebReports can in turn help you refine your WebSafeguard filtering rules to better suit your home’s needs, and ultimately improve your home Internet management strategy.

Parental Internet Controls for Verizon FiOS Users