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How can you be sure they are following the rules when you're not home?

The Situation

You’re at work while your 13-year old daughter is home from school for the day, as she isn't feeling well. The rules before you left were simple: finish your homework, don’t open the door to anyone, and no socializing online which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Messaging. Besides, all her friends are in school today. Who could possibly be online to socialize with?

Before you call her at lunch to see how she’s feeling, you follow your instincts and visit her Facebook page to discover that she has posted three new messages within the last two hours. "Jenny, are you on Facebook again?" you ask. And while she insists that she hasn’t been online this morning, you know differently. But what can you do?

Leaving her home alone while she is not well has you already feeling uncomfortable. But to know she has a healthy curiosity, a wide open Internet connection, and lots of unsupervised time on her hands, has you nothing short of anxious.

Your Frustration

It’s challenging enough keeping your kids safe online when you are around. But how can you be sure your child is abiding by your Internet house rules when you’re not at home to keep an eye on them?

The Solution

Enforce your Internet access rules even when you're not at home! Log in to your WebCurfew account from work using your office computer or your smartphone. Turn Internet access off for your child’s laptop, the pc in your den, and any other Internet-enabled device that you don’t want your child using to access the Internet while she’s home alone. Be sure to log in to your WebCurfew account before you leave work to turn Internet access back on – at least for the pc in your den ensuring you have at least one device that you can still access the Internet with when you get home. Log in to your WebCurfew account from work using your office pc/laptop. Create a WebTimer rule to automatically turn off (and then on again later) access to any or all Internet-enabled devices in your home, every week day during school hours to eliminate your child’s temptation to use the Internet while she is home sick from school.

The Result?

With WebCurfew, your children will only be able to access the Internet according to your wishes. You will feel in control once more knowing that you are able to enforce your Internet house rules even when you’re not home. And, you can leave for work confidently knowing that your kids can’t use the Internet in any way that you haven't authorized.