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Encourage Your Kids To Go Outside

Posted on 5/6/2014 by Rod da Silva in Digital Loitering Parental Controls Leave No Child Inside WebCurfew WebAccess WebSafeguards

The school year is almost over… and summer is just around the corner. I can sense it. This has been a brutal winter almost everywhere around the country, but especially here in Chicago where I live. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “how can I spend more time outside?”

Unfortunately, our kids don’t have the same idea in mind. With the many temptations – such as Xbox, cell phones, and iPads – kids are easily compelled to stay inside all summer. Most of them are spending their time glued to some sort of screen for hours on end – which is why we call them  “screenagers.” They were born into a generation of multiple screens.

Many companies – WebCurfew included – are trying to tackle the challenges parents face when their children are glued to screens. Earlier this month I attended the Chicago Wilderness Congress in downtown Chicago to learn more about the “Leave No Child Inside” initiative. Since WebCurfew shares a common theme with Chicago Wilderness, I also had the opportunity to showcase how WebCurfew can be an excellent technology tool to help parents. We provide an effective way to turn the internet off to ANY of their kids’ devices, so they can go outside, enjoy nature and have fun outdoors.

According to Chicago Wilderness, outdoor play helps children manage stress and become more resilient. Natural spaces stimulate children's limitless imaginations and nurture creativity. Children who connect with nature may be more inventive and better problem-solvers due to the hands-on learning that nature provides. Chicago Wilderness has designated June as “Leave No Child Inside” month, and has posted the following map on Pinterest where you can discover the various programs that are scheduled. For more information you can contact Emilian Geczi, Chicago Wilderness Youth and Community Engagement Manager, who is really knowledgeable on this subject.

For those of you that live in other areas of the country, here are ten useful links to organizations similar to Chicago Wilderness that promote initiatives to get kids to go outside to enjoy the environment: