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Posted on 2/9/2014 by Rod da Silva in Digital Loitering Parental Controls WebCurfew Digital Whiplash

The holiday season is by now a distant memory for most people (except perhaps for the credit card bills) but many parents are suffering from digital whiplash as they try and figure out how their child became so addicted to the internet-enabled consumer electronics device they bought them for Christmas!

If you do a search on Google Trends for ‘parental controls’ you will notice that searches for the term have spiked at the beginning of each of the last 7 years, presumably because parents are trying to figure out how to break their children’s week long tech-addiction that started Christmas morning! 

 According to a PBS survey published in December, more than half of parents planned to purchase a tech item for their children this holiday season – i.e.; an internet enabled device, laptop or game.   Furthermore, of those parents more than a third planned to purchase a tablet or smartphone.  These new tech toys provide terrific educational and/or entertainment benefits for children and teenagers. But they also bring increased concerns for parents that their children will stay connected longer.

 For parents whose New Year’s resolution includes less technology time, or parents who bought their kids a new device and are worried about excessive internet usage, WebCurfew provides an answer.

 As a parent of internet aged children, I struggled with how little control I had over implementing effective parental controls easily on my children’s devices. The parental controls required me to use software or manage each device individually. Parents needed a better, easier solution that didn’t require an understanding of technology or software.

 WebCurfew allows parents to manage the amount of time their children are spending online with tablets, game consoles, laptops and smartphones. If you gave your child one of these new devices and discovered you now have a ‘screenager,’ WebCurfew can help!

 As internet-enabled devices become more common – especially as holiday or birthday gifts – parents realize their teenagers or young children are feeling more entitled to access the always on wireless internet at home whenever they want. With WebCurfew parents can provide responsible boundaries around when their children can go online.

 Using WebCurfew parents no longer have to worry about getting their children the latest tech gadgets. WebCurfew offers parents a sense of comfort in knowing their children are using the internet in moderation.  The free WebCurfew service allows parents to easily see which devices are connected to the internet through their home router and then them turn their internet access off at appropriate times with the click of a button.   If you are looking for an easy way to manage your family’s internet usage, take a look at WebCurfew.

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