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10,000 Hours

Posted on 9/24/2013 by Rod da Silva in Digital Loitering Parental Controls 10000 hours

My oldest son plays the guitar. It’s his passion. He sits for hours practicing most days. I admire his drive and determination. He simply wants to player better.

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Don't Let Opportunity Knock

Posted on 8/12/2013 by Rod da Silva in Digital Loitering Parental Controls WebCurfew

It’s been my experience that when kids go on-line in their free time, they usual have a primary task in mind to accomplish. It might be to update their Facebook page or check a friends wall. Or it might be to pick up where they left off in an on-line game. Or maybe it’s just to look for more cute kitten YouTube videos to watch. Whatever their purpose, they do seem to have a particular reason that motivates them to jump on the internet initially each time...Initially….

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Welcome to Digital Loitering

Posted on 8/1/2013 by Rod da Silva in Digital Loitering

Hello and welcome to Digital Loitering – my first foray into blogging. My name is Rod da Silva and I am the founder of WebCurfew. I founded WebCurfew because I am a concerned internet parent. I am concerned that this generation of internet-aged children are spending too much time online, and I know I am not alone. I am on a mission to help struggling parents set and enforce reasonable boundaries around the amount of time their children use the internet while at home.

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